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About Us

MOON WORLD СOMPANY is a European production that gives you the opportunity to purchase quality materials for manicure at a favorable price. Among our assortment of products, you will find all the necessary products, namely: colored gel polishes, various bases, tops and cuticle oils. We follow all new trends and develop them, and this allows you to always be in trend. Our products are created on the basis of high-quality Polish raw materials, and the brush is made according to the Italian model, which allows you to apply the material to the nail plate as close as possible to the cuticle. Because we are the manufacturer, we can always control the thickness, shade and consistency for a more convenient use.

Our products are the best choice of materials for quality manicure. After all, we have developed the most effective formula for creating gel polish. You will perfectly complete any image thanks to our products, because a huge number of colors will not leave anyone indifferent.